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DCFY Alesis Coda Pro Keyboard Dust Cover - Premium Fabric - Black

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DCFY-Alesis-Coda Pro-PF-BK

This is not your typical Alesis Coda Pro Music Keyboard dust cover.

Our premium quality Alesis Digital Piano Dust Covers Keyboard Dust Covers protect from animal hair, dust, spills and other kinds of nuisances that can shorten the lifespan of your musical instrument.

All of our dust covers are custom made for each model of keyboard on the market. We don't believe in 'One-Size Fits All' music keyboard dust covers.

Our customers have told us, they don't want a dust cover made with the cheap, translucent vinyl material that can discolor, dry out and crack. Just like you, they want something that looks professional, and does the job! In other-words they want a higher class music synthesizer / keyboard dust cover that meets their needs.

Here at Dust Covers For You! We provide you w/ 2 types of material to choose from:

1. Premium Quality Twill Fabric - Don't be fooled. Even though it's fabric, dust won't ever reach your equipment, unless of course you live in a sand storm. (We hope you don’t!)

Advantages: Lower cost, washable, & ironable for a crisp, clean look. This cover will also keep it safe from small, accidental spills.

2. Premium Water-Proof Fabric – Not as soft as our twill fabric, but, looks great!

Advantages: Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Spill a gallon of coffee on it, or leave it under the sink all day and the water will deflect off, thus protecting your equipment.


Features of our Alesis Coda Pro Music Keyboard Dust Covers:

* Easy to clean & maintain
* Easy to slip over your keyboard.
* Our covers are designed to fit snugly over your keyboard. No need to use a draw cord to provide a better fit.
* Sewn w/ industrial sewing machines – creating strong, durable seams & stitches. These covers are designed to last!


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